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Text Giving FAQ

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What is Text to Give?
Text to Give is an extension of our online giving platform that allows your donors to contribute to your organization via text on their cell-phone.

Is it safe?
Yes! Our Text to Give solution is just as secure as our online giving product. It uses the same security processes and technology for protecting your donor’s sensitive payment information.

Will my donors need to complete a lot of steps in order to set it up?
Setup is very easy! All they need to do is text an amount they would like to give to your church’s unique SMS number we assign to you. They will receive a reply with a link to a mobile friendly registration site. The registration site simply asks for their name, address, zip and payment information. Once they submit this information, they can donate anytime in the future by simply texting an amount and it will automatically process!

Are there any extra charges to accept these types of donations?
No – there are no additional per-transaction fees! We do charge $5/month for this additional service, but there are no additional per-transaction charges.

Can we set pre-defined amounts to give (.e.g “text this number to give $10”)?
Right now we do not have this option. Our model so far is to leave the amount open so donors can choose their own amount. Most people that give to a church base it on their income, which widely varies. We have developed this solution from the ground up, so if there is demand for this feature then we will add it.

What is the process to give refunds?
The process is the same as for online giving. Contact our support team and we’ll take care of it for you. Since the donation is made via a credit card then it can easily be refunded.

Will text donations show up on a donor’s transaction history if they login via the web?
Yes – it will. We have an algorithm that matches to existing accounts based on the e-mail address and name. As long as these are the same then a match will be made and it will show underneath the same account.

Will our church see a separate report of which donations came in via text?
Our system records the source of the donation (web vs. kiosk vs. text), but we don’t currently have a report for this. As of now, donations will show up in the same reports you use for online giving. We are working on reports that just show kiosk or text based giving.

Can donors set up and/or manage recurring gifts via text?
Right now we don’t have that capability. If there is a demand for this, then we can make it happen, though.

What if someone’s phone is stolen or lost?
For now they can contact support and easily have their profile changed or removed.

Are there any disclosures or disclaimers that we have to provide to donors before they use this service?
No, there are not. Donors are able to use this service immediately.

Do we have to pay any fees, taxes, or surcharges to the mobile carriers?
No, you do not. Our company handles processing the transactions for you, so you do not have to pay anything to the mobile carriers. Our cost is $5 per month for the service and then the exact same transaction fees as you pay for online donations.

Does this work outside the U.S.?
As long as your donors can text to a US phone number, then they can use this service.