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Listen to what some of our clients are saying about our Website design services by reading our client testimonials below:

Church website design with style
“Excellent customer service and support! The staff is very knowledgeable and responsive to their clients’ needs.”

J.B. Garner Parishoner
Trinity Baptist Church

Beautiful church website examples

“We have been using Buildachurchwebsite for over a year and are very pleased. Although we are a relatively small congregation of a few hundred, during the past few months we have had over 1000 unique website visitors per month from over 100 different countries. The service we receive from buildachurchwebsite is always prompt, courteous and thorough.”

Erik Mansoor Webmaster
Faith Lutheran Church

Amazing functionality for church websites

“Thanks to Build A Church staff our website was up and running extremely quick. The learning curve was minimal on administering the site. Our site is relevant and always up to date. We appreciated the time and effort the staff at Build A Church took to make sure we had all that we needed and the tech support is excellent. “

Kim Davis Webmaster
Genesis Ministry

Outstanding customer support for church websites

“I always appreciate the speedy response.”

Teresa Lagace
Mansfield Bible Church

Easy to use church websites
“In my quest to find a website solution for my church, I researched many website designers but decided on Build a Church Website. I have not been disappointed and neither will you. It is the ultimate in website design. The designs are very attractive and have as much functionality as you wish. If you don’t have a lot of staff resources to help with your church website. This is the website designer for you. The service is unmatched and the content management system is easy to master. Do yourself a favor and get on board. You won’t be sorry.”

Danita Burns Parishoner
St Joseph on the Rio Grande

Great website format choices
“Build A Church Website has provided design, structure and maintenance for our Delmarva-DC Church of God Executives Offices for the past four years and we are extremely pleased with the quality and efficiency of their work. The staff of Build A Church Website has always been very cooperative and has provided a quality, eye-catching and user friendly website meeting all of our needs. We are very pleased with the format and design, and the progressive way in which they keep our website cutting edge.”

Ronald D. Martin, Administrative Bishop
Delmarva-DC Church Of God Executive Offices

Our staff is friendly and responsive
“I’ve really enjoyed working with this company because of their quick response time and friendly staff.“

Mikkie Gleason, Secretary
Helena First Assembly Of God

Wonderful service is offered at Build a Church Website

“I would like to take a second to explain what a delight it has been to work with Build A Church Website. First of all, the time and effort they put into their projects are second to none. They were able to get our website up and running in a very short amount of time. The website they designed for us is very appealing, and we never stop receiving compliments about it.  I will recommend them to anyone and everyone that I come in contact with who would need this type of service.  Thank you again, guys.  You are wonderful.”

Joshua Pohlman, Owner
Pohlman Plumbing

Innovative web designs happen at Build a Church Website

“Our experience with has been most excellent. They were able to capture the vision of our ministry and design us a website like none other. We are extremely pleased with our innovative website design, the content layout and their friendly as well as timely customer service. It has truly been an awesome and beneficial experience working with this outstanding team!”

LaMonica A. Aiken,Service Manager
Memorial Missionary Baptist Church Intl

Our websites are technologically savvy

“This team has been a great blessing to this ministry and this minister. Their creative anointing was able to communicate visually what I was seeing internally. As an international ministry with most of our graduates from, and located in, many different countries, it was important to create a website that could be easily understood by everyone and at the same time be on the cutting edge of technology. They have always made themself available to answer ‘all’ of my questions, taking the time to help an ‘internet layman’ understand fully… and even though many hours were involved in the creative.. debugging.. setup and on going maintenance of the site his prices have always been very fair. Thanks!”

Gary V. Johnson, Pastor/Founder
Leadership Training Institute

“Excellent customer service and support! The staff is very knowledgeable and responsive to their clients’ needs.”

Elizabeth Yeboah
Built For Life

“I have worked with several website designers through the years and have found this company to be the best. They work fast and are truly concerned about what you need and work toward helping you reach your goals. I was very impressed with their professionalism and knowledge. Our office has received so many compliments on our site from our students. I can recommend this company without hesitation.”

Jan Harbuck
Omega Bible Institute & Seminary

I would like to let you know that I get a great deal of compliments on our website design. It’s colorful, vibrant and energetic. I appreciate the way that all of my ideas were incorporated into our site to meet the needs of our growing ministry. I am especially impressed with the responsiveness of our requests to update or modify the website to meet the times. I am also pleased with the way the services are upgraded periodically to meet industry standards.

My overall experience with buidachurchwebsites has been fruitful and I would recommend the company to others.”

Dr. Laverne Adams
Cathedral Of Praise International