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At Build A Church Website we truly care about your church and it's mission. With years of pastoral experience our team can help your church with your marketing efforts for growth through media.  If you need a total marketing service package, our specialists can work with your church for maximum exposure and results.

Available Marketing Package Features & Options:

Name Exploration

For Church Plants & Established Churches Looking To "Re-Purpose" Their Ministry

We can help with the creation of your church name

Churches sometimes get "stuck" when trying to come up with a name. This can happen for many reasons. The truth is that some ministries are simply too bogged down to be creative. Having a helping hand in the name stage can be a life saver.  We will consult with your team and listen to what you are trying to accomplish and help you come up with a name that will help propel your ministry for years to come.

Church Logo & Tagline

For Ministries Needing More Than Our Normal Logo Service.

Our team can create a great logo for your church websiteIf you need some creative help in order to come up with ideas for your logo then this is for you. Many of our specialists have years of ministry experience in all facets of ministry. If you are unsure of a direction for your logo then let us conference with your ministry and get your creative juices flowing.

Mission & Vision Drafting

For Ministries That Want To Clearly State Their Purpose In A Powerful Way.

Our services include mission and vision draftingIf you have inherited the vision and mission of your church, then whose vision or mission is it? Too often churches have a mission and/or vision that is "tired" and "old". Today more than ever, you need to position your ministry to reach your target audience. Let our church marketing specialists help you draft a new mission and vision.

Demographic Studies & Reporting

For Ministries That Want To Know More About The Area They Are Trying To Reach

Demographic information can determine your church target marketStop guessing at your demographics. We will actually run reports for you on the area you are trying to reach. This is a powerful tool that can help you set new goals and realize the true potential that God has placed in your ministry or church.

Organic & PPC SEO Consultation & Implementation

For Ministries That Want To Be Aggressive With Their Media To Reach Folks That Have Never Visited Before.

Get your church noticed online with our consultation servicesToo many churches use their website, app, and media to reach and educate folks who already are a part of their church. This is an important part of your ministries media efforts, but it is not the only part. In today's culture your website is your biggest doorway to reach people that don't now anything about your ministry. With combined SEO and PPC efforts you can make sure that your website is noticed when visitors are looking at their options online.

Ongoing Consultation

For Ministries That Need A Partner In Growth

Our consultation services can help your church growOne of the hardest things to admit for a church is that they are ill-equipped to do the job that is in front of them. Churches have a daunting task in front of them with all of the cultural and demographic barriers in their way. You can hire one of our church specialist to sit with you as a consultant as you try to further the Kingdom.  You don't have to do it on your own. From small to very large churches we can help put things together for you that you may not be able to do on your own.

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